About Us

At Building CPD we offer convenient online CPD Courses for licensed NSW and VIC Builders.  We combined our 25 years of industry experience in building and construction with extensive research and input from industry professionals, to provide an online training centre where licensed builders could easily access our learning courses at a time that was suitable to them.  Our interactive platform alleviates the stress builders often go through to acquire their compulsory CPD points and provides an affordable and flexible option for builders to earn their CPD points in the comfort of their own home.  And at their own pace!

Being licensed builders ourselves, we found it increasingly difficult to take time off work and away from our families, to attend various trade seminars and workshops. Not only that, many were only available on specific dates throughout the year.   We knew there had to be another alternative to earning our CPD points. 

From our own experience attending seminars over the years, we found many of them tedious, which meant if we wanted to earn our CPD Points we had to endure hours of … well, boredom! And often at a time and place that simply wasn’t suitable.  At Building CPD we have made a conscious effort to produce as many interesting training courses as possible on new and innovative building products while keeping within the guideline topics required by NSW Fair Trading.

Whilst many online CPD courses focus on the business side of building, we have tried to focus more on the practical, or technical, side. Our overall aim is to ensure we offer enough information that builders will find interesting and enjoyable to learn about – ‘practical’ information that will not only keep them up to date, but be beneficial for that all important ‘hands on’ side of their business.