Do I really need CPD Points?

Yes - NSW Fair Trading require all licensed builders and pool builders to earn 12 CPD Points each year.  So builders renewing a 3-year licence would need to demonstrate that they have earned 36 CPD Points during that three year period. A failure to comply with these requirements would likely result in your builder’s licence being suspended or cancelled.

Is Building CPD a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?

No, we are not and are not required to be as long as we deliver CPD Courses that are in accordance with the NSW Fair Trading Director General's Guidelines for online builder's CPD Points.  Please visit NSW Fair Trading for more information.

How many points will I earn from each Building CPD training course?

You will earn 2 CPD points from each of our training courses.

How do I complete each course?

Simply download the course PDF and answer 10 multiple choice questions. Your Quiz will then be automatically marked and you will be given unlimited options to revise until all your answers are correct. You will then have the option of printing or emailing your Completion Certificate instantly!  To see how it works, Click Here to do our 'Sample Quiz'.

Can I earn more than 12 CPD Points in one year?

Yes. If you earn more than 12 CPD points in one year, you can carry up to 11 CPD points over to the following year of your builder’s licence. This simply means you would only need to earn one more CPD Point for that year.

Are the CPD Courses easy to understand?

Yes, all our courses are in PDF format and ready to instantly download once purchased. They have been prepared by qualified builders and industry experts with over 25 years’ experience. Topics are varied and range from Business Management through to information on a variety of products and applications relevant to the building and construction industry. Our courses are reviewed and revised if applicable every year or so to ensure they are kept current.  We are also open to any suggestions on topics you would like to see included in the future!

Do I need to keep a record of the CPD Points earned through Building CPD?

No, we do that all for you. At any time after completing one or more CPD Courses, you will be able to instantly download or print your ‘Certificate of Completion’. All of your information will be readily available within your account for you to access at any time.

How many CPD Points can I purchase?

We have packages to suit all needs - you can purchase 2, 6, 12 or 36 points and each CPD Course will earn you 2 CPD Points. So, if you purchase 12 points you would need to complete 6 CPD Training Courses.

Are your online training Courses in accordance with NSW Fair Trading?

Yes, NSW Fair Trading has set requirements for online CPD courses and advises that the learning must:

  • Relate to one of 8 topics 
    • Technical Issues
    • Sustainability
    • Compliance
    • Business Management
    • Contracts
    • Communication
    • Workplace Safety
    • Dispute Resolution
  • Have an identifiable learning outcome, which means you are able to say what it is you have learned
  • Be interactive, which means you must participate to complete your learning
  • Be delivered as a course, workshop, trade session, forum or conference as either an online or e-learning activity or a face-to-face activity where you participate in person
  • Be delivered by an organisation or person with specialist industry expertise.

Under these guidelines each online course earns two CPD Points on the basis of one CPD Point per hour of learning (Learning Category 1: Web based).

Are your online training Courses compliant with other regulatory bodies?

Yes, our CPD courses also fully comply with the requirements of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) regarding CPD for builders and pool builders.

How do I get started?

Easy!  Just choose your package (2, 6, 12 or 36 CPD Points) then register and pay. You will then receive the points as CPD Credits to your online account. These credits can be exchanged for any of our available courses and, once completed, you’ll receive your CPD Points!

What if I still have questions?

No problem!  Feel free to Contact Us or give us a call on 0410 654 596 or 02 4385 3522 and we'll happily answer any of your questions or concerns.